Energy Africa


Aboard Vittoria, while exploring clean power in the U.S. and Caribbean, our team witnessed firsthand the impacts of renewable energy on rural development, community resilience, and local empowerment. Connecting lessons from these field expeditions and our own off-grid power engineering, the Vittoria Energy mission advances to sub-Saharan Africa where a sustainable, decentralized energy future is underway.


Access to affordable, reliable, and modern energy is fundamental to sustainable development – improving health, education, and local economies. Across sub-Saharan Africa, over 600 million people currently lack electricity access. The World Bank estimates that half can be best served by clean power minigrids (i.e. microgrids), defined as isolated power systems featuring sizeable renewable generation – often solar PV – with batteries and local distribution. These systems deliver transformative local power capacity greater than small Solar Home Systems and quicker than grid extension, offering sustainable, scalable community development. With over 2,000 operational minigrids across the region, thousands more in active planning, and continental ambitions for 140,000 by 2030, this innovative solution is set to transform Africa’s energy future.


Vittoria Energy brings off-grid technology insight to the growing international effort building localized, sustainable energy solutions for rural communities. Through field research, technology analysis, and strategic partnerships our team works to improve the minigrid ecosystem, expanding impact and affordability. Projects focus on removing barriers to advanced technologies and supporting community development with appropriate tools and opportunities that harness the full potential of sustainable energy.