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The Mission

The world is changing. In our back yards, across distant lands and oceans, ordinary people are transforming the way we power our lives. Our journey is to uncover their stories. This is why we explore. To see the future. To draw a new map of what's possible and where we're going.

Exploring the world and how we power it, Vittoria Energy Expedition is a travel-inspired nonprofit organization connecting everyday people with current renewable energy innovations that not only fuel, but empower lives. Team Vittoria works at the intersection of technology, business, and policy to inform public discussion around energy decisions at home and in our communities.

The Challenge: Traveling the globe aboard Vittoria, our innovative renewable-powered sailing ship, VEE illustrates the ultimate independence offered by modern, alternative electric generation technologies. Through our voyages -- without fuel stops or recharge stations -- to far-flung destinations in search of creative new ways communities are powering themselves, we captivate and educate diverse audiences on the reality of cost-effective energy alternatives available today. With the adventures of Vittoria, we highlight the impressive capacity of renewable technologies to revolutionize our personal, and global, energy approach.

Vittoria Energy Expedition follows a tradition of intrepid explorers pursuing discovery and new understanding of the world around us. With exhibitions of alternative energy systems and accounts of the journeys they fuel, we aim to offer individuals, communities, companies, and governments a choice in how they meet their energy needs.